Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Inaugurating CPGE

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Inaugurating CPGE


Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Inaugurating CPGE

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Inaugurating CPGE


Research Funding

Research : Details Evaluating the theme “Education for All” we are involved with research on contemporary new ideas and approaches. It maintains standard set of model globally in the relevant field and...


Vision of CPGE:

Our vision is to provide access to knowledge service industry that includes research, management and social development across the globe.


Mission of CPGE

Mission of CPGE : 1. To promote people to access better information and knowledge and create education leadership. 2. To enhance skills and knowledge of the people of society. 3. To create a platform...



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Be a proud member

Be a proud member of CPGE community to be connected with the groups for broadening the better contemporary innovated methods, tools and models of education program. You will be informed about the latest education programs and events for advancement. We will share the opinion on education and research program in all segments of the education sectors working with universities, colleges, schools, technical institutions, media and policy makers for promoting global education.

About Us

Center for Promoting Global Education (CPGE) pursuits the betterment of society. CPGE is a nonprofit organization. It aims to create a digital education world by using virtual hi-tech technology to make a global network. It’s a global education research center. The project achieves its purpose by establishing E-center for communication in the education institutions. Centrally CPGE trains the global teachers, students and other professionals. To this end, we expect to minimize the gaps between strong and weak students, students and teachers. We also take initiative to build the congenial relationship between teachers, students, and guardians. CPGE is always aware of about social responsibility. It also works for global community development focusing on the application of global education development by publishing the best quality articles in the journals and implementing those. The organization basically concerns in the area of trade, social business, healthcare, agriculture, and human rights to carryout the surveys for the development of global skills and lifestyle.

CPGE takes active initiatives to develop human resources through skill education development training- particularly for the unemployed youth groups and adolescents girls. It emphasizes the training on use of ICT, data collection, compilation, analysis and information sharing among various stakeholders aiming towards sustainability of such efforts.

CPGE is moving forward with its aims to enhancing education and research of new ideas and enhance approaches globally in the relevant field and to create a professional community that fosters knowledge, practices and assistance to others for social change through broadening the light of education to all, as well as shares expertise about how to achieve excellence in the performance of our education for global development.

Towards this end, in addition CPGE publishes Articles & Ideas in both printed and online publications through special peer-reviewed refereed Journals initiated in response to the tomorrow’s demand satisfying today’s needs of the academic community in the field of current and future research issues, as well as the emergence of the new world.

CPGE is also believed in management related solutions over the globe. It has strategic partnership EVOLYSIS ltd (Business partner of British Council) one of the prominent leading management consultancy firm. It works together for solving management issues and bringing values for business organization.


Our vision is to impart the knowledge for service industries that includes research, management solutions, and social development across the globe.

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