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Be a proud member of CPGE community to be connected with the groups for broadening the better contemporary innovated methods, tools and models of education program. You will be informed about the latest education programs and events for advancement. We will share the opinion on education and research program in all segments of the education sectors working with universities, colleges, schools, technical institutions, media and policy makers for promoting global education.


Evaluating the theme “Education for All” we are involved with research on contemporary new ideas and approaches. This research will maintain standards set globally in the relevant field and aims to create a professional community that fosters knowledge, practices, and assistance to others for social change through broadening educational access to all. It also shares expertise about how to achieve excellence in the performance of education for global development. Thus, CPGE is the center-point of global education research. As a research-oriented organization, CPGE conducts a number of research projects. Generally, the research areas cover contemporary issues in education, business, social science, social business, healthcare, community development, and technology. Interested researchers, academicians, and professionals can also attend the research projects run by CPGE.


Research Funding

Every year CPGE regularly provides funds for a number of research projects. Interested researchers are instructed to form a research group with a principal investigator (PI) of which the number of members should not exceed eight. Groups are asked to submit the research proposal to the director at CPGEThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with our prescribed application form. An amount equivalent to USD 500 to 5000 (lump sum) will be given to each selected research group. The final research paper will be published in the journals run by CPGE. Researchers are requested to submit their proposal before November 15 of every year because selection process and financing are completed before December 15 (once a year). 

CPGE and Evolysis Ltd. Have a strategic partnership for developing business cases for students and practitioners, and area where there is a huge market gap. On the basis of this understanding we encourage industry practitioners to incorporate their experiences in cases so that young practitioners and students can benefit. Moreover, it has set up management consultancies in the USA, Malaysia and Bangladesh.